Michelle Overlock

 DKK 2.495,00

DKK 1.234,00

Her har vi en rigtig billig fin overlocker til det helt almindelige husbehov. Fabriksny overlocker med engelsk betjeningsvejledning.

 Her er mere information, på engelsk:

*2 needles, Two/three/four sewing threads, and 12 stitch programs;
*Perfect sewing, trimming, and finishing in one step;
*Perfectly even even seams! The Differential feed prevents seams from stretching or puckering;
*Sew rolled hems easily w/o changing the presser foot and needle plate;
*All important controls are within easy reach on the outside of the machine;
*The presser foot lift is conveniently placed, leaving your hand free to hold the fabric;
*Easy threading! All threading paths are color-coded;
*The thread chain cutter is conveniently placed!
*High presser foot lift to accomodate several layers and heavy fabrics;
*Each fabric is optimally fed.
*Presser foot pressure can be individually set;
*Perfectly stable, thanks to the rubber feet;
*Large waste tray to catch fabric trimmings;
*Lots of accessories all included in the practical accessory box;
*Change the presser foot? Easy on and easy off, thanks to "snap-on" system;
*Detailed instruction in the manual, including many illustrations;
*The dust cover protects the serger;
*Integrated threading levers to thread loopers easily; 
*Generous work area with the sewing table in place!
*Safety first! When the front cover and/or swivel plate is open, it is impossible to use the serger!

Technical parameters:
Number of threads: 2, 3 or 4 Threads
Overedge stitch width: 4-7mm
Differential Ratio: min 0.7 max 2.0
Presser lift height: 4.5mm
Feed Height: 1 mm
Stitch length: 1-5mm
Power: 90W+15W
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Insulation Class: Class II
Control Method: Foot controller
Sewing Speed: 1000rpm